About Intellistats

You use your phone with excessive plans and end up paying for services that you never consume. Not your fault. Hundreds of plans, number of carriers and fancy marketing pitches make it hard for you to choose the plan that suits your needs at the lowest cost. With Intellistats you get all the stats you need to make a well-informed choice of optimal phone subscription.

Monitoryour Network & Tariff

On a limited airtime? Get detailed insights on your calls. Intellistats has you covered!

Cut Downon your Phone Bills

Intellistats suggests the best phone plan based on your usage, so you can save money by switching to it

Best Useof Phone & Network

Whether it's calls, SMS, or mobile data, Intellistats helps you optimize your phone usage.

What is Intellistats

Here's a handy video that will help you further understand the purpose behind Intellistats, and why every smartphone user should totally have this app.

What Intellistats can do for youEverything, to help save money on your phone plan

The Team

These are the minds behind this truly amazing application.

Yasser Bashir

15+ years of software and product experience
Serial co-founder
Experience of successfully releasing award winning apps

Usman Younas

Product Manager for intellistats
Social media & blogging expert
Marketing executive

Muhammad Wajeeh

Award winning Android developer
4+ years of app development experience
Aspiring Android Guru

Adnan Khan

Android developer
2+ years of android app development experience

Ibraheem Zaman

Android developer
4+ years of android app development experience